Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Repeating a Dream Come True....

Dreams don't generally come true twice. If we're lucky enough to have one come true, we experience it and then have the memory. So, to be lucky enough to have another shot at the dream...impossible, improbable, so very very highly unlikely.  But, for whatever reason, the dream gods were with me and a dear friend indulged me for which I can never thank her enough.

During a rehearsal for a local play I'm in, my cell phone rings.  It's 4pm on a Sunday afternoon and my friend, Dinah, has called to ask if I can drive to Dallas the following day.  Unable to scream loudly during the rehearsal, I said about 4 times, "Are you serious?"  You see my favorite singer, Adam Lambert, was on a radio station promotional tour in anticipation of his second album and our fan group had been trying to get passes to these events all week.

My teenage-like obsession with this extraordinary singer began when I heard him on American Idol in 2009.  Many who  know me know that his voice was the first thing in 2 years that gave me any hope of feeling good after my husband died.  For that, I will forever be his devoted and loyal fan.   The first time I met him, I told him how his music brought joy back into my life and how for a few minutes each week I forgot I was sad. His genuine warmth and sweetness toward me in that moment only confirmed to me that his spirit was as beautiful as his voice.

In order to get passes to the radio station events, my Houston Glammie friends (Lambert fans are known as Glamberts, an allusion to his early days of favoring glitz, glitter, and glam-rock) had spent close to a week hard at work texting, calling and entering contests at local pop music radio stations both in Houston and Dallas, hoping to be one of the select few chosen. With a pass, they would hear a 2 song set, listen to a short interview, and take a photo with him. Most importantly, there would be the maybe once-in-a lifetime chance to breath the same air and be physically close...maybe get a hug.  These women, who have come into my life because of Adam Lambert and are counted now among my  friends, share an uncommon passion that has been a surprise for its intensity..and for me personally, an intensity never experienced before.

  "I mean, can I post it on Facebook, can I tweet, can I go public with this?  "Yes," she laughed.  Later, when my son called and we talked about it, he said, "You're very lucky, Mom,".  "You don't know how lucky," I replied.  There has developed  a code of honor among Glamberts that says if you have met him at an organized event, you should back off and let others have the opportunity who have not yet had the experience. I met him once before, prior to a Houston concert, so I was pretty far down anyone's list. I held off even trying to win early in the week, but I succumbed to my passion.  I rationalized by knowing I would also receive a guest pass for someone who had not met him. Then one of my closest buddies won 2 passes to Dallas, but there were other women who had never met him that were ahead of me and rightfully so.  I felt certain that it wasn't in the cards,  but the good spirits of pop music were shining on me.  The other women received tickets some other way and my position on the list was now good.  I didn't even have enough time to get too excited.  The first time I had a Meet and Greet with Adam, it was an out-of-body experience.  I recited my memorized lines as if I were in some play.  This time I was just happy for the chance to see him again.

The trip to Dallas, some 3 1/2 hours north of my home, was done on a day without a cloud in the sky.  My friend Dinah and I listened to bluegrass, talked, and arrived so early, the station folks sent us off to lunch to kill time before the event.  We came back to the studio, dealt with the logistical issues and waited in the lobby of the radio station with only 16 other fans for The Arrival. Adam Lambert drove up in the front seat of an SUV with his guitar player and a 2 person entourage.  While he was hustled through the lobby to a waiting elevator, he smiled, said "See you in a minute, guys," and went upstairs to the studio.  About 20 minutes later, we were taken to the station conference room where 2 stools were set up, a sound man was checking his recording equipment, and the afternoon DJ entertained us.  Adam came in, stylish, boyish, filling the room with his presence.

He joked about the conference room and pretended to call the meeting to order. He sang 2 songs, and answered the DJ's questions. Then it was time for the photos.  I had managed to get the first seat at the head of the table beside his guitar player, so the promotions person tapped my shoulder. Photos would be taken with the person you came with and Adam.  Dinah and I would be first for the photo.  Since the photographer wasn't ready and Dinah was giving her email address, I had more than my fair share of time with him.  We chatted and I managed to ask a couple of questions.  We laughed a little, I got a hug...and a good one at that...and at one point, he had hold of my hands while we were talking. More than anyone could ask for.  The rock gods were with me that afternoon. We took the picture with him, picked up the autographed promotional photo and were sent out of the room.  We rode home to Houston in the dark, but I swear the interior of the car was aglow. We giggled like teenagers, and waxed poetic about the spirituality of being close to this man who sings like the angels and  exudes such a  sense of calming love.  All in all, a pretty dreamy day...happening much against the odds, but inspiring belief and hope that dreams can come true more than once.

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