Sunday, March 11, 2012

Matter of the Heart

It's been almost a week since Dinah (@dinahhmite) and I met Adam Lambert.  Dinah and I talked a couple of times this week and discussed the Aftermath of this day of being close to that glorious spirit with the incomparable voice.  In our crazy giddiness over being in the same room as Adam, touching him, looking into those beautiful, thoughtful eyes, we both agreed that it seemed like forever ago.  How is it possible that only a few days later, we both felt an emptiness that you feel when you are left by a loved one?  How is it possible to miss someone this much, a stranger who gives you a few minutes of his time? We are invested in this Adam Lambert. We have decided that, for whatever reason, this person provides us with a focus that has been absent before. During what I called my fan tour for Adam Lambert and Glam Nation, I met lots of people who had stories.  Sure, some just loved this once-in-a-generation voice, but many had a reason like me.  Moments of escape in the music from something not pretty in a life, visions of possibility to be yourself, recognition of strength in one's self to express the inner being hidden by the constraints of society or family or school. There is almost a messianic feeling among Adam Lambert's fans.  He may not have brought world peace, but some part of him has given something very peaceful to many people.  That he is beautiful to look at, articulate, smart, and real with his fans helps, but in truth, it goes far beyond that.  To inspire so many, to gain the public voice that he has, requires something more.  Charisma? Maybe.  Spirituality? Maybe.  Honesty? Definitely.  Hopefulness? Yes.  He's not been an overnight success either....people like this.  His hard work, his ups and downs before and after fame, give inspiration to his fans that their hard work, their persistence may pay off for them even in the face of life's normal vagaries.  So, yes, of course, we feel like our meeting was so very long ago.  The heart wants what it wants...and Adam Lambert has entered our individual and collective hearts....and he's there to stay.

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